Crimea Votes For Union With Russia

Over 95% of the Crimean Voter have voted to join the Russian Union. The referendum took place today after Crimean Government called the election due to the previous Government was over thrown.

The people of Crimea have spoken, they want to join the Russian Federation so they should be allowed to join the referendum. It’s called Self Determination.

The fall out has already begun.

Firstly on the demands of Kiev the ethnic Tatars and Ethnic Ukrainians boycotted this vote. As of tomorrow those people have no right to complain. If they wanted to stay with Kiev they should of voted. They shouldn’t have boycotted it. I’m guessing they’re going to expect the West and Kiev to come in and save them after the Crimean Government apply to join Russia tomorrow.

Clearly because this election has pissed off the right wing government of Kiev their new friends in Brussels have denounced it as illegal. Seriously I still haven’t understood why the EU has become friendly friendly with a bunch of raciest and Nazi. It this Western Foreign Policy ‘let’s be friends with Nazis because they want to join the EU. Blood ridiculous.

But what do you expect from the Western Powers these days look a Libya.

Then there’s the sanctions. Most likely not going to happen as the West is too dependent on Russian National resources. However they need to look tough on the Russian though but let’s face it nothing is actually going to happen.

The EU are weak and powerless.

I can imagine the European Union are going carry on throwing their toys out of their prams because they didn’t get their own way but to be honest let’s face


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