Russia Recognizes Crimea As A Nation

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a a decree recognizing Crimea as a sovereign and independent state officials say. The recognition comes a day after the people of Crimea voted to separate from the rest of Ukraine and control of Kiev.

Firstly well done to Crimea for applying to Russia. If it annoys the European Union a little bit more. In all seriously if this is what the people of Crimea wants then is what the people of Crimea should have.

Russia has taken the right step in making sure that the Crimeans have the right to rule themselves and choose their own destiny as a country.

Why should Kiev rule Criema?

Kiev has basically taken the rights of the Russians in the area and will probably get treated like second class citizens. So Crimea should go back to Russia where they’re going to be treated like people and get their rights back.

However the Western Powers have sanctioned the Russian for this. This is just sad they haven’t got their own way so they sanction Russian who has only gone in to Crimea to help their own people.

So much for self-determination. Do what we want or we sanction the people who are trying to help you. So it looks like we will help any right wing Government and play their Bull shit games as long as we get our own way.

Again ‘democracy’ has sickened me and failed the world.

If anybody should be getting sanctioned it’s the Government in Kiev. The world has gone crazy and I can’t believe that the west is not supporting the Crimean’s self-determination.


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