Ukraine Officer In An Attack On Crimean Base

The Ukraine Government has said that an officer has been killed in an attack on a Crimean Base. This has been the first attack on Ukrainian since pro-Russian forces took over the area back in February.

Funny how this happens two days after the Crimea referendum. Also funny how this has happened the day when Russia signs Crimea in to the Russian Federation.

I truly believe that the Ukraine Government has done this. I truly believe that this is a pre-cursor to war with Russia and a way to drag the West in to a war Russia.

I really believe that this has been a plan of the Ukrainian Government since they came in and that they are going to use the Referendum as a means to kick start the war.

They’ve also given a shoot to kill order in ‘self-defense’

This is just another sign that they want to start a war with the Russians. You have to wonder if the Ukraine Government is just using it as a ‘kill Russians’ excuse.

If this news came from somebody from the Russian side or a 3rd party I would actually believe it wasn’t the Ukraine Government trying to stir up shit against Russia.

There’s going more in this twist tale and I think we are running closer to war between Russia and Ukraine.


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