Pensioners And Savers Get Pension Boost

George Osbourne has announced new measures to boost incomes of pensioners and savers hit by low interests rates. The new measures were announced today as the British Chancellor made his 2014 budget. This was his 5th budget speech since taking office in 2010.

Annual budget time again. End of the financial year…yay

I don’t really get why the budget and the end of the ‘financial year’ is at this time of the year. If it’s the end of a year why can’t they just put it at the end of the year. Somewhere just before Christmas maybe.

It’s just a suggestion.

It looks like the pensioners are getting handed everything on a plate again. Not like they get a load of stuff anyway and I know that some pensioners are poor but a good few of them don’t need the money but they’re getting it anyway.

This really annoys me.

We get told that the welfare budget needs cutting and they’re going to cut benefits but that’s only from working people and JSA claimers. Don’t take it off the old because they vote for us.

Old people vote so let’s make sure they get what they want screw young people.

We’re all in together aye.

It’s terrible vote buying and I know I’ve spoken about vote buying and populist policies and if you’ve not read my opinion, I think it’s cheap politics and I really disapprove of it.

All three parties have done it in the last few months and this is the most blatant of it all.

Again people are getting screwed in favour of old people. It’s not fair on the system but it’s going to happen and we’re going have to put up with it.


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