Malaysian Plane Search Halted By Night time

An international air search for the missing Malaysian plane has been halted. Officials have said that the search for debris of the missing plane has moved to the Indian Ocean has now ended due to nighttime. The search has moved to near Australia after planes have found debris of what they think is the missing plane.

Firstly the headline of Plane hunt has stopped due to nighttime. This is really a weak headline. The best one should have been on the line of ‘Search Movers Near Australia’. Granted in a world of 24 hour rolling news you aren’t going to get that Headline for too long.

The plane has supposedly crashed near Australia. Well spending the time searching the region around Malaysia. When we look back were going to look at this and wonder if the authorities were slightly stupid to look in this small region for such a long time.

I’m not judging the authorities because that’s where they lost the signal.

I don’t want to put a dampener on this discovery of Debris but after the oil spill evidence I’m not holding my breath on this discovery. I think that it’s going to be something totally different. It’s a shame because I’m becoming a little bit jaded from all of this after so long.

This could be the evidence that people have been looking for but I very much doubt it. I hope it is but I’m a little skeptical.


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