Clegg And Farage Clash IN EU DEbate

Nick Clegg and Nigel Faraged ‘Clashed’ in a debate over the European Union. The debate that was broadcast on LCB Radio pitted both party leaders on the subject of the European Union.

So this ‘debate’ has been in the offing for the last couple of months. After Nick Clegg challenged Farage to the debate he was given the chance to give the Liberal Democrat view on Europe.

Time to puff out his chest.

Firstly I would like to complain about it being broadcast on LCB and not shown on the mainstream BBC channels it’s great for the rest of the country to see especially as we don’t live within the M25.

Firstly do we really need this debate?

I wish I could say on but I really think we need to discuss our membership in Europe and the promised referendum from the Conservatives is much needed. The fact that it was just Clegg and Farage seems a bit pointless, we needed more parties involved. Not just 2 minor parties from the ‘big leagues’

From what I’ve read Farage won the debate. Yougov has a poll that basically say the same.

This really says something about how pointless the Liberal Democrats are now. Years of being in the back pocket of the Conservative for the last four years has really damaged them. Clegg has had the most damage done to him by sticking to Cameron for all this time.

I’d ask how will the Lib Dems deal after this. My answer would be very badly, they’re going to slip further in polls and UKIP will take over because they seem to be better despite the Hilarious screw ups that go on in their party.

They really are a fun party to watch

Farage has destroyed Clegg in a debate and this means one thing. Clegg is going to do the party even more damage than he did before. Bye Bye Lib Dems.


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