Vladimir Putin Call Obama To Discuss Ukraine Crisis

Vladimir Putin has called Barack Obama. The Russian President called the American leader to discuss Obama’s diplomatic proposal to solve the Ukraine crisis. A statement from the White House later said that Obama told Putin to put concrete response in writing.

Again America and Russia are in talks to solve the problems of another country. The big boys are stepping up to the plate again. I remember slagging off Russia and America for doing this during the Syria crisis. Sadly we need them to do this, this time.

It’s one of those phone calls that you would have loved to sit through and listen in to. I really can’t see any of them actually giving in ground on this subject. They both believe that they are right and only one of them is….

You know my opinion on this and it’s….


How dare America try and push their agenda through diplomatic means. They should back down and just shut up. They’ve got the UN to back their stupid view. They should step back and admit that they are wrong and they are taking this point of view to piss of the Russians.

It’s clear the Russians are right…well that’s until it pisses off the West.

I believe there should only be one solution to this crisis and let the Crimeans and East Ukrainians get what they want it’s called self-determination.


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