Clegg VS Farage: Things Get Personal

The gloves came off as Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg went head to head in round 2. The second of the European Union debate was shown on the BBC. This time Nick Clegg got personal making jibes at the UKIP leader.

This one was shown on the BBC so it has to advantage, the first it was actually on Freeview and the second I had a chance to watch it unlike the LCB round.

So the first debate the media couldn’t call but this one Farage wiped the floor with Clegg after Clegg gave himself the killer blow against himself. It was rather pathetic and embarrassing to watch if we’re being honest.

Clegg spent his time just throwing insults towards Farage and making it look like he’s a conspiracy theorist. Well it back fired big time. His face went red and he became a raving loon. It really made him look bad and there is no way of clawing his way out of this in the future.

The other thing is it’s really damaged the Liberal Democrats in the next General Election. This has been a giant blow for them. There now has to be people out there in the Lib Dem Party who are sharpening their knifes and ready to stab the Clegg in the back and take over the party to try an save them from loosing the election even worse than they’re going to do if Clegg carries on.

Clegg has proven that he’s a joke tonight and he should be removed from the head of the Lib Dem party for they’re own good.


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