Chinese Search Ship Picks Up A Signal

A Chinese Ship searching for the missing Malaysian plane has picked up a signal. Chinese State Media has confirmed one of the boats looking for the missing Malaysian Plane has found what they thing is the Ping signal from the missing passenger airliner.

They think that it’s the Malaysian Airliner but they’re is no actual proof that it’s actually the plane. It’s just a very hopeful theory.

It seems likely that it is though but we could be sadly disappointed.

I think the world needs to know by now. We’ve all looked on at this in great hope and anticipation that we’ll find out something good has happened.

The Chinese have really put their effort in to this search. It still feels like they’re making more effort in this than the Malaysians sadly enough. Granted it could have something to do with the fact they have a lot of people on that plane so it’s now more to do with closure.

Finally the case of the missing plane is being solved and we can finally come up with a conclusion to this whole sage. The truth we be revealed.


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