Search Ships To Verify Plane Signal

A sophisticated British ship has joined the search for missing Malaysian plane MH370. The HMS Echo has come to the area to search for the missing plane’s pulse signal that has been detected twice. The missing air liner has now been missing for over a month.

So it’s been over four weeks since the plane has gone missing and it comes to the point when you ask yourself how long are they going to keep the faith when it comes to finding this plane. There has to be people out there apart from me who must thinking that this plane will never be found.

This is going to go down as the greatest Air Travel mystery ever.

You have to ask how serious is the hunt for this plane if they’re bringing in a high tech boat.

They must be close to the end of this search. They must be very close to finding this plane and we can finally discover what has happened. Granted I don’t think we’ll ever know the true events but we’ll small bits of information about what happened during the ill fated flight.

Hopefully the HMS Echo will find something concrete and we can finally put this to bed. What we need now is closure for the families of the people who were on the plane.


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