Oscar Pistorius Recount The Killing Moment

South African Para-Olympian Oscar Pistorius has recounted the moments he fired the pistol that killed he former Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The South Afican hero has been giving evidence at his murder trial where he has been accused of murdering his former girlfriend on the night of Valentines Day last year.

This has to be the most high profile murder case that I think I have ever seen. I know that people will bring up the case of O.J Simpson but I’m too young to remember that so for me this for me is the highest profile court case that I have seen so far.

For me this has to be a very sketchy court case. There has been no actual witnesses to the crime. Yes there have been people woh heard a noise from Pistorius’s house but nobody actually saw the crime.

This really is his word against the noises that somebody heard.

Pistorius has actually said he has killed her but he thought it was an intruder. Well he was going to shoot an intruder in cold blood so he has to be tried for murder or man slaughter using the self defense as an excuse.

Personally I think he went out to kill her for some reason and he should be thrown in to prison for life but that’s my feelings about it.

What ever happened that night it will come out in the course of time so hopefully we will know what actually happened that night but I’m going to expect him to get found guilty.


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