Cameron Defends Parliment After Maria Miller Quits

British Prime Minister David has had to represent Parliament. The British Prime Minister has been forced to make this defense after Maria Miller has been forced to step down. Cameron has called Members of Parliament ‘Good and Honest.’

This is going to be split down in to 2 sections…

Firstly Miller…

After the first set of scandals that involved Expenses for MPS Miller should have fallen on her sword and resigned. This should have been done to save face. She shouldn’t have been forced to do it by people from Downing Street and the Prime Ministers office.

This has dented the confidence of people within Britain towards the British Parliament.

On to Cameron…

A British Prime Minister defending a British Parliament well that doesn’t really surprise me. At least he has some loyalty towards the institution that he heads.

We shouldn’t have to sit hear listening to people defend Parliament. There’s a time and a place where British people need to trust our Governance, not just sit there and sneer at people because it’s the thing for people in the public to do.

This is a stupid massive scandal. It’s been caused because a MP couldn’t be bothered to make a proper apology after she was cleared of any wrong doing. We should really stop this Witch Hunt against MPs everytime money comes up.


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