Alex Salmond Attacks No Campaign By Calling It Negative And Depressing

Alex Salmond has attacked the Better Together Campaign by calling them Depressing And Negative. Scotland’s First Minister made the attack whist talking at the SNP’s Conferences.

The gloves are off and things are getting personal. Salmond is fighting back.

I’ve not actually heard Salmond make any attacks on the No campaign now until now. I’ve heard the SNP defending themselves against the amount of attacks from Westminister but I’ve never heard them attack the No campaign. Their supporters yes but the SNP no.

So to read this on the BBC website is rather refreshing.

The thing is he’s right. The No campaign is has been depressing, you would think that Scotland was going to fall in to the Atlantic in a giant ball of fire if you were to believe Westminster.

Scotland is going to get barred from everything if Scotland goes Independent and Westminster get’s it’s own way when it comes the currency.

However I wouldn’t be surprised if Scotland goes Independent, Westminister will call it illegal and Sanction members of the SNP. Yes I’m using Ukraine as a sarcastic example.

Hopefully this will moves the Yes Campaign forward further in the polls. Scotland wants to be Independent from the rest of the United Kingdom and I want the union to be split up.

It’s great to see the Salmond attack the No campaign and put some metal in to his yes campaign here’s hoping that this carries on he gets the better of his enemies.


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