Pro-Russian Storm Ukraine’s Horlivka

Pro-Russians have stormed another Government Building in Eastern Ukraine. This fresh confrontation between Pro-Russian Forces and Kiev loyal Government forces came about after the Pro-Russians ignored a deadline to leave the building that they occupy.

I just love the approach that the BBC took over this story. The Pro-Russian forces attacked the building. It makes them sound the they were in a bloody attack like some kind of Terrorists or maybe Vikings.

Ukraine’s president has hit out at Russian Aggressors calling them Terrorists. Well he’s come out with the most pathetic word in Politics ‘Terrorist’. Well that’s just lazy if you want to rally the world to your side stop using the word Terrorist.


Firstly it’s used by dictators to talk about people who want Freedom but to be honest I’d expect from a pathetic right wing Neo-Nazi Government. Secondly it’s become a cliche and it’s a sad one at that. Do you realize how many pathetic world leaders has used the word Terrorist.

I’m supporting this action for the Pro-Russian to take control of a Government Building.


Because despite what the Government in Kiev say they’re not going to allow the East Ukraine people a vote in their future. What they’re going to do is to keep hold of East Ukraine and then they’re going to treat the Russian People like second class citizens and possibly create an Aprtheid state or even Ghettos before they kill them all.

Again I’m going to call on the West to see sense and come to the East Ukraine’s defense and help them be rid of this right wing regime.


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