Ukraine On The Bring Of Civil War

The troubled Eastern European country Ukraine is on the Civil War. The Government of Ukraine in Kiev has sent troops and air craft in to the East of the country to try and retake military bases. This is an escalation of tensions after weeks of inaction.

Well this has gone way too far and this is what happens what happens when you let fascist governments take control of a country. Forget what your citizens want and do what you want. This is disgusting behavior what happened to the right of self-determination. To be honest what did you expect from a Government that has ties to Neo-Nazi Organisations.

The West is still backing their friends in Kiev. We turn a blind eye to what’s going in a country. Why? Because we want friends and we want Ukraine to join the European Union. If this is what the European Union is about then it’s another reason to pull out while we can.

There is no point in being in this happy friend group when it’s going to cost people’s lives and people’s freedoms. But hell if they join the European Union who cares.

The Russians are pissed off with this situation and they’ve called the UN over this. Well that’s the UN going to do nothin g. They’ve had a chance to do something for weeks when we realized that this whole situation was only going to play in to the hands of extremists. But hell as long as America and Western Europe are happy who cares.

They’re also saying that this action from Kiev could launch in to a Civil War. Well have we not actually been waiting for this. This is going to be the Civil War that drags the rest of the World in to war. Everybody has made their camp clear and not they’re going to have to back their side or it’s going to be seen as weak and helpful if they begin to flake out now.

The West has brought another country to it’s knees and on the verge of Civil War I hope that they’re proud of themselves. It will b e up to the Russians now to pull us back to the point of sanity.


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