South Korean Passenger Ferry Sinks

Emergency Services are searching for almost 300 missing people. The search began after a South Korean Passenger Ferry sank with over 400 people aboard. Officials say that 174 people have been rescued.

It’s really not been the best year for South East Asian transport this year has it? First there’s the missing plane that still hasn’t been found after that is now 5 weeks I believe and now a Korean boat has sunk killing almost 300 people.

I’m waiting for the conspiracy nut to start linking these two events together and pointing to the ‘New World Order’.

It’s a massive shame really because who ever is left on that ship has drowned or died trying to get out. I know I’m being joyful but if you look at the angle the boat is on, it’s upside down there is no way people are going to get out of their alive.

There maybe somebody in an air bubble that odd incredibly lucky person but I very much doubt that it’s the truth.

South Korean media are showing the valiant rescue mission to get people out. This is probably going to be some brilliant piece of propaganda if this all goes sour. They couldn’t save the people but at least we made the best effort in trying to save them. It’s a good message to read.

At least we won’t have to hear about some coward captain like we did with the Concordia. The captain who decided to jump ship when he realized he was screwed. I want to hear how the captain saved the lives of the people on that ship in the coming days. Give the story some good news when we finally find out how bad it is.

Soon we’ll hear the horrors of what happened on that boat when the investigation comes about. Hopefully we’ll not have that sad a story and everything it be nice a pleasant. It’s a shame really because we’vee lost another 300 lives.


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