Deal To De-Escalate Ukraine Crisis Agreed

All sides in the Ukraine crisis has agreed a deal to end tension with in the embattled country of Ukraine. Ukraine, USA, Russia and The EU has come to a settlement that should end the problems in the East of the country. All four parties have been in talk in the Swiss city of Geneva.

So they’ve finally come up with a deal that will help with the problem in Eastern Ukraine. I see a problem with that, the only people this suits are the Nazis in Kiev. They get to see people that have been protesting removed then they can carry on removing the human and civil rights of Eastern Ukrainian slowly.

The EU won’t stop them nor will the American because they get a new friend nad it suits them to piss off Russa. You know what this has actually been all about this backing of Kiev. Making Russia look bad so they can buddy up with so nice people in Kiev.

I really have been sick by the rhetoric through out this making Russia look liuke the bad guy while the EU having backing right wing neo-Nazis. We need friends so were going sit by while peoples rights are taking away and people get called terrorist for no reason.

Well I would expect the Americans to sad by the Terrorist claim, they have spent the last 12 years calling everybody they don’t like Terrorist. Why should things change.

Russia should have fought harder. They shouldn’t have stopped until they got the former Ukraine President back in office. That was the rightly elected person to be running the country not these usurpers.

The West and Russia have done the right thing by calling time on this crisis but they should have come to a point where the right wing government was dropped on it’s head and nobody asked a question. They should have let the original democratically elected leader come back in to power.


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