Ukraine On Alert After Politician Was Killed

Ukraine’s acting president has relaunched military operations after two men are found dead. Operations against the pro-Russians in the Eastern half of the country after two men were discovered dead after allegedly being tortured to death.

Guess who’s in Ukraine today? It’s US Vice President Joe Bidden. This has to be some kind of coincidence for sure?

Well I smell a fish. The Vice President Of the United States visits Kiev to help the Ukraine leaders and a local politician some how ends up dead? Hmm something isn’t right here. I think it’s funny that this suddenly happens when Joe Bidden is in the country and it’s not happened any time before that.

I know who has killed these people. It’s the nice people in charge of Kiev. It’s another tool in making the pro-Russians look evil when they’ve done it themselves. It’s another wonderful trick from the right wing fascists.

If the West don’t wake up and smell the Coffee after this one I have to ask how stupid or naive the West actually is? If they can’t see this is a plan so Kiev can look for more sympathy and they get it from the West then the West are just fucking stupid, then the elected heads of state need to be booted out of office for being stupid.

Hopefully Kiev’s web of lies start to unravel and the west are see them as the lairs they are and we can start removing these vile people of of Government in Kiev.


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