Netanyahu Tells Abbas To End Unity Deal With Hamas

The Israeli Prime Minister has told the Palestinian Government to end a unity deal with Hamas. Netanyahu Israeli Prime Minister said in an Interview with the BBC that if the head of Palestine wants to continue peace talks with Israel they must end the deal that see unity between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

Israel is making demands on Palestine or the Israelis will probably blow the crap out of Palestine and we’re going to stand there and say ‘well done get those Terrorists.’

You know what Hamas is not a Terrorist group in the slightest bit. What they do, do is defend Palestinians against the might of a raciest country that is intent on destroying their lives and taking their lad.

Who are Terrorists really?

I’m glad that this unity pack has happened. If gives a nice strong front to the Israelis and a strong message that they won’t take crap from the people who are stealing their land and treating them like second class citizens.

I wouldn’t trust Israel with a peace treaty, all they’ll do is break it come next election year when the Government need to look strong to the people and those Arabs can be killed for the good if the Israeli people. We’ve seen it before and we’ll see it again.

Hopefully this unity deal with tell Israel to fuck off and stop being a dictator towards them. This come be the perfect time for the oppressed to fight back successfully.


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