Divers Find 48 Bodies In Cabin Of Sunken Korean Ferry

48 bodies have been found in one cabin of the sunken South Korean ferry. Divers who are searching the wreck found the bodies of 48 Passengers in one single room. The room was only meant to hold 38 people.

You think that a story like this couldn’t get any worst but then this comes about and makes you feel a lot more sadder about things. Whilst I’ve been doing this blog for the last 300 or so days I’ve done missing planes, Terrorism but nothing has made me sad like this one.

This has to be one of the saddest stories I’ve read.

This group were crammed in to a room that was meant for 38 people. They must have gone in there for safety when the boat started to tip over then got caught there then drowned.

It’s a horrible, horrible thought. You don’t really want to think about it.

You really feel sorry for the people who have to go in to the wreck and pull out the bodies. It goes beyond grim, You have to wonder what the people who have to drag the bodies out of the wreckage are going through in their dreams and at home.

I really, really do feel sorry for them.

Again I’m going to call for the captain to be tried for Murder again. I am aware that this all based on my emotions but it is a very emotional story.

I really hope that this story get better but I really think it’s going to get worse and we have to hear another awful story on this subject in the very near future.


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