Five People Die In Afghanistan Helicopter Crash

Five people have died in a crash in Afghanistan. Five British Service Personnel have been killed when a UK Military Plane crashed in Southern Afghanistan.

The Taliban are taking responsibility for this but the Ministry of Defense is claiming that it was technical difficulties. The funny thing is that it’s under ‘investigation’. Why do I get the feeling that the Taliban has shot this Helicopter and the M.O.D are now on some kind of defensive to stop public out cry.

I can imagine that happening actually…

The last thing the country wants to hear is that the Taliban has killed more troops. The death count for this conflict has been way too high. As this has become a pointless war you can imagine the the back lash if more of ‘our boys’ were killed in action by the enemy.

This ‘War’ has become pointless really. The moment we realized Bin Laden was not in Afghanistan we should of pulled out. We’ve not stopped Islamic Terrorism. All we’ve done is move it about in to new parts of the world. To be honest what do you expect for the British Government.

This really is another pointless waste of life in a war that should never have happened but this is a war that has been pulled out for too long.


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