Gerry Adams Arrested By Northern Ireland Police

Gerry Adams has been arrested by the Police in Northern Ireland. The Leader of the Sinn Feinn political party in Northern Ireland has been held by the Police over the murder of Jean McConville back in 1972.

Well I never expected to go on to the BBC website and see that a major British political figure has been arrested by the police over the murder of somebody back in the 70s.

The man has handed himself to the Police so he obviously feels he has nothing to hide from the people. He says he’s innocent so there must be something behind what he says. If he was guilty I don’t think he would walk in to a Police Station and hand himself in for murder. Some how I think would try and keep himself out of jail.

If this goes to court I hope he fights hard to clears his name if he’s innocent.

I have a horrible feeling that even if he’s innocent or if he’s guilty I wonder if people in Ireland are going to go for blood for the murder of some people.

The IRA have admitted that they killed this woman so they’re going to try a pin the blame on somebody and this could be the easy target as Adam’s has never moved away from the IRA.

I’m just saying that he could be seen as an easy pray.

I’m not going to say if he’s guilty or not, I’m just shocked that it’s happened and I’m afraid that people are going to use him as a scape goat.


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