Gerry Adam’s Freed By Northern Ireland Police

Gerry Adams has been freed from custody. The Sinn Fein leader had been help by the police in Northern Ireland over the murder of Jean McConville in 1972. Adam’s file has now bee sent the public prosecution service.

Well it looks like the Police can’t find anything wrong with Adams so they’re trying to get the Prosecution service to pin something on to him.

I knew they weren’t actually going to find anything in this case with Adams. There’s was nothing to pin anything on to him. They’ve tried there best now it’s time for them to give up.

But no

They’re handing the case to the Prosecution service…

Well I can see that’s going to fail as well. If the Police can’t get him on anything how are the Prosecution service going to as well. It don’t think it works like that, I think that who is ever behind this really needs to quit while they’re ahead.

I agree with McGuiness there’s somebody behind this that wants to ruin not the peace process but Sinn Fein and Adams. Who ever it is doesn’t want whatever Sin Fein want or a stable Northern Ireland.

Granted I believe in handing Northern Ireland back to the Republic anyway.

Great to see Adams out of Police Custody and back in the free world. I don’t think he’s guilty and I think the Police are clutching at straws.


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