Boko Harem To Sell Abducted Girls

A Nigerian Islamist group are looking to sell a group of hostages. Boko Haram has threatened to sell a group of 230 school girls that they abducted three weeks ago from a boarding school.

I can’t actually remember when I heard about this story but when I did hear about the kidnapping when it happened I was a bit well shocked.

Firstly how can a school let a kidnapping of this magnitude actually happen? Unless I’m missing something like a massive set of guns and a load violence. However it sounds like they were whipped out in the middle of the night.

There’s a serious point where the school needs to look at their security system.

Bokom Harem have appeared on video selling that those girls are property and they going to sell them in to slavery.

This is not going look for Islam and give fire to the extreme right wingers in Europe.

Seriously this is going to cause a global backlash against Islam. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re is some revenge attacks across Europe. They’ve probably set Islam back a good few years.

It’s a really sad just the sake of Islam and the West’s relations because you know the right wing will use this to their advantage.

Hopefully the Nigerians will get these girls and free and arrest the leader of this group for this crime. Nobody should be sold in to slavery.


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