Cable Tells MPs Pfizer Cannot Use Britain As A Tax Haven

Business Secretary has told Parliament that Pfizer cannot use Great Britain has a tax haven. Pfizer will also secure British jobs with in the science sector. These comments have come about Pfizer take over UK drugs company AstraZeneca.

Welcome to the world of the Mega Drugs company. All of your drugs needs provided to you by one company.


The biggest drugs manufacturer in the world is trying to take over it’s biggest rival. The two largest drugs manufacturers in the world are merging. You have to start thinking about what this is going to do in the world medicine and health standards.

It’s a Monopoly.

But now on to the predicament of using Britain has a tax haven…

Please don’t make me laugh. Why would a massive drugs company want to move to the United Kingdom to dodge tax. There are many countries out there where you could dodge tax better than the United Kingdom. We do pay the highest Tax within in the United Kingdom.

But it’s good to see that MPs are worried about taxes. Well I doubt they are. This is just Parliament trying look like they are concerned what the people think about taxes. They seriously don’t care.

It looks like Pfizer are going to make a Monopoly in the drugs business. Let’s watch them kill off the market.


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