Army To Review Woman’s Role In Close Combat

Women Soldiers could soon be able to take up front line combat roles. The change could come around as the Ministry of Defense are reviewing women’s roles in combat. This review has been brought forward from 2018.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever made this clear in this blog. Even though I have called for Britain to go in to places like Syria, I am not a fan of the British Army. We have spent the last 10 years illegally invading countries and screwing them up.


If I person want to join the Army and kill themselves for ‘queen and country’ or for oil why should I stop them. So if woman want to go on to the front line and get shot for oil and illegal occupations of Middle Eastern Countries why should we stop them. In my eyes they’re not heroes they’re just invaders of sovereign states.

I’m already reading stupid comments from people who oppose this move by them saying that woman are not psychologically up to this type of role. What a pile of Horse Crap there are a good set of women out there who will be ready to take on an enemy combatant as well, if not better than some men out there.

It’s a little sexist.

I can’t wait for the Ukip view on this. I want them to wheel out Godfrey Bloom to tell us that women soldiers ‘Will be checking their make up on the front line to much to fire a gun’. Please Ukip come out with some comedy gold. You know you want to.

If this move goes through I will be a great stride forwards for equal rights within the army. Women can do anything men can do these days in the work place so why not give them a gun and tell them to fire at the enemy.


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