Putin’s Crimea Visit Angers The US and EU

The US and The European Union are angered by Putin’s visit to Crimea. The condemnation from The West comes after the Russian President first visit to the region after it joined the Russian Federation back in March.

woop woop the West are up in arms over Crimea again. The people who are backing a fascist regime are getting snotty nosed because the Leader of a region visited it for the first time.

For once I’m not going to do a paragraph rant about the West back the current Government in Kiev because I’ve done it enough now.


Why shouldn’t Putin visit Crimea. He is their leader, Crimea did vote to become a part of the Russian Federation. They exercised their rights and now he’s gone to the region to see the newest part of his country.

It’s only fair.

This is my message to the West…

Just because you don’t like something it doesn’t mean that it is wrong. Just because you don’t agree with something their is no need to have a massive paddy on the world stage.

Crimea asked to be a part of Russia through an election, now it’s time to grow up and let them be a part of Russia.

It’s great to see Russia slowly wind up the Western powers because the west is in the wrong. I really hope that Putin carries on doing it.


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