ICC To Investigate UK Army Abuse Claims

The International Criminal Court has launched a probe in to abuse of Iraqi Detainees by British Troops. The initial investigation will look in to alleged crime attributed to the British armed forces who were stationed in Iraq from 2003 to 2008.

The British Army are now being investigated for abusing Iraqi detainees. Why does this not surprise me? Of all the armies in the world the British Armed forces are being investigated for abuse, most likely racist abuse.

After the shooting of an Afghan combatant who was injured and unarmed if you were to tell me that British Soldiers were murdering Iraqi citizens because they look the wrong way at them, I really wouldn’t be surprised.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again the army who was meant to be the best soldiers in the world is now just a calling card for racist who want to go out to the Middle East and Kill some Muslims while they get to vote BNP.

But remember they will be patriots.

The Government have decided to deny all of this. Well yeah of course they have they don’t want the world to know that the British Army is full of racist.

I love this story it’s a shot in the foot for the British Army and it will hopefully shatter the confidence in our army and be rid of this ‘hero’ tag. Well done to the International Criminal Court I actually hope you find the British Army guilty.


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