Turkey Strikes Over Mine Disaster

Turkish Trade Union will hold a one day strike. The unions will be holding this action to protest the mining disaster that took place in Soma. The Soma disaster has now claimed 282 lives making it the worst mining disaster in the country’s history.

You know what if there was a disaster of this kind in Britain there would be nothing done. All you would get is a very sad message from the Government giving their condolence then we would forget about it with in a few days.

There would be no protesting, no riots and nothing really done about it. This is the sad, sad truth of the British people.

The Turkish President has gone to visit the site today while the village dug graves and buried it dead. It’s one of those necessary evil visit. He more than likely didn’t want to do this visit. I can imagine that the place were a terrible disaster took place is the last place the head of state wants to be.

I wonder if these protests will be the final straw/ nail in the coffin for the Turkish President. There was those protests a few months ago and now there are protest again. It really doesn’t look good for Turkey especially after the Arab Springs.

This seem to be getting worse for people in Turkey and this could be the end of the current Turkish Government. One disaster could cause a new Spring in the most Democratic Arab Country.


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