Narenda Modi Hails Lindslide Win In Indian Elections

The incoming Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi has hailed his election victory as a landmark. This win is meant to be a landmark for his BJP Party.

Well I think this going to be a short one.

Well I’ve never heard of this man and you know what I’m probably going to who he is by this time next week. I’m sorry Mr Modi but that’s how it sadly goes.

So he’s won a landmark election to become Prime Minister. Well so what people have won elections. Yes I realise that it’s a big thing for the Indians and Possibly the Pakistanis but I’m not sure how it effects the West so much it the BBC’s top story.

Unless he’s corrupt and rigged an election this story really isn’t interesting. There are many other states in the world that don’t get reported on when they elect a new leader.


I do make this one request. Please stop your space program. When half of your country is starving there is no need to try and blast monkeys or beaver in to space. IT’s just not worth it. I also hope that if the Indian Government do continue to do this space programme then I hope Britain cuts out their financial aid to them.

So India has a new prime minister let’s hoe he does the right thing for the Indian people


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