Africa Declares War On Boko Harem

African leaders have declared war on Boko Haram. In a conference held in the French Capital of Paris the leaders of the Continent have declared war on the Islamic Militant Group that kidnapped 223 schoolgirls last month.

Welcome to the double standards of the west. Yes I’m starting with the West cos they’ve really hacked me off.

During a Civil War a president uses chemical weapons on his people, nope can’t do anything about that, nope. The Ukraine Parliament is taken by right wing fascist and Russian tries to help. Let’s go on the side of the Fascists, deny the rights of the Russians.

A Terrorist group kidnaps some children, WE MUST GO TO WORD AGAINST THE TERRORISTS. WAR ON TERROR.

It’s not Africa that’s declared war of the terrorists. It the West fighting their silly little war on Terror but they’re using Africa as their pawn. It was hosted in France and America and Britain Attended.

You can’t see what was happening there. Sad that this stupid little war has to continue.

The Africans should be dealing with this through democratic channels not an all out bloody war against a ‘terrorist’ group. You’re only going to fail doing the Wests bidding.

The West launch their next attack on their War of Terror but they’re using Africa to fight their battles. Sad little West making sure they keep their blooded hands clean after Iraq and Afghanistan.


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