US Government Resumes Search For British Yacht

The American Authorities have started the search for a missing yacht crew from Britain. The search has started again after two days. The crew of the yacht went missing on Friday.

So a crew went missing on Friday and the Americans gave up searching for the crew on Sunday. They gave up searching for a crew of four after 2 days. It’s a bit of a short time period isn’t it?

The worse thing about this is that it’s taken the British Government to put pressure on the Americans to put this search back on. I don’t get this. It seems that the Americans only had a small attention for this and after a couple of days they’ve just not really cared. Clearly the British care about their people. If there is any hope that these people are alive then the British need to know.

Their families need to know.

I hope they find that they find these people. However I don’t think that they’re going to find those people. They’ll have been missing for 4 days now and nobody knows where they are. This could go on for days. They’ll probably run out of water.

However I hope that doesn’t actually happen and they find these people.

It’s great to see that the American have restarted their search. Let’s hope that they find the crew alive and well.


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