Ebay Users Forced To Change Their Passwords

Users of Ebay have been forced to change their passwords by the giant Internet company. Users of the auction sites have been made to change their passwords after a cyber attack compromised their systems.

It know I really shouldn’t tell laugh at this but let’s all point and laugh at Ebay. I think this the 2nd cuber attack on Ebay in the last 14 years. Security could be a lot better.

You got wonder have much confidence is actually dented after an attack like this actually like this. The fact that somebody sad little nerd probably in rural England has hacked the systems of Ebay is not good for the customers.

Sadly I really can’t see people flocking away from the site. It’s well established and there really is no other company that can reach it in the internet world.

They’re security has been hacked but it won’t effect them.

When they find this guy they should give him a job not throw him in prison. I actually believe this. When somebody is able to hack a secure server or Network the company that they did it to should give them a job to sort out the kinks.

Yes they broke the law but they’ll be more use to the company working for them in an internet security setting than behind bars in America or Britain.

Ebay has egg on their face no doubt but they’ll crawl back from this and they’ll improve their security. To be honest it may not look like it now but it’s win win for Ebay and their customers.


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