UKIP To Be Serious Players At General Election

Nigel Farage believes that UKIP will be serious players at the next British General Election. Farage believes that the Euro-Septic Party will be serious player during the 2015 General Elections after they significant advances during the Council Elections yesterday.

The three mayor parties must be bricking themselves now. They’ve tried their hardest to debunk UKIP and all they’ve done is made the UKIP stronger and easy to vote for. They’ve really shot themselves in the foot there.

Will they be ‘serious players?’

Yes I think they will be. I think they’re going to do better than the Liberal Democrats. Despite their lack of policies and the fact that they have racist elements and their opponents have basically labelled them Nazis. They’ve still got a half decent share of the vote.


Because people are sick of the main three parties. They don’t ever listen to the people and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Conservatives went back on their referendum promise.

We’ve ‘heard in this together’ and ‘cost of living crisis’ so many time that we’ve become sick of the parties. All lot of people will see this as new way to vote in Britain. Hopefully they will get us out of the European Union.

Well done to UKIP they have proven to things. The first one being that people don’t want to be in the European Union and the second being that we’re sick of all these West Minister parties.


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