3 Killed In Gun At In Jewish In Brussels

2 men and a woman have been killed and a fourth person has been wounded in Brussels. The attack took place when a person opened up fire in the Jewish Museum in the Belgian capital earlier today.

I didn’t even know there was a Jewish Museum in Belgium. I knew there was a memorial to the Holocaust in Germany but I didn’t know that Brussels had a museum to Jewish History.

You don’t expect this to happen in a place Belgium, it’s like the mass slaughter in Sweden a few years ago.If it was a country like Britain or America you would expect it but not some small poxy country in Europe that hasn’t offended anybody.

Belgium’s Authority is treating this as a Terrorist attack.

When you don’t like something or somebody call them Terrorist. No I’m not be serious I’m being sarcastic. I’m sick of people using the word terrorists to describe something that they don’t like. It’s pathetic. I’ve seen Ukraine doing it and Syria and I’m annoyed by it.

I’ll tell you now the person who has done this is a white supremacists and when they realize that it’s a white Christian suddenly it won’t be a terrorist attack because let’s face it Terrorist can only be Muslims in Westerner Eyes.

This is one of those stories that will get changed and they’ll pin it on who ever they liked.


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