Theresa May Say Immigration Target Is Harder To Reach

Theresa May has said it’s getting harder to reach the target for getting net migration down. The Home Secretary has admitted the net migration targets are still in place but they are getting harder and harder to reach.

What I really stupid thing to say on the day that rest of the European Union are voting in their European Elections. It would have been more funny if she accidentally blurted it out on Wednesday just before Britain went on to the polls for the European Elections.

There’s a problem with immigration and the European Union and that’s freedom of movement. You can’t control immigration when people come across from places like France and Eastern Europe. Yes you can control it from other parts of the world but not from the European Union.

This really is becoming an issue that over blown. Granted people are getting annoyed with the lack of housing and school places but Britain is a country that was built on Immigration and if it wasn’t for immigration we would have been screwed after after the 2nd World War.

With less than a year to a General Election the Conservatives have dropped the ball and given a massive boost to UKIP. If I was UKIP I’d be using this to make people doubt the Conservatives and try and get more votes in the next General Election.

Well done to Theresa May you have dropped a clanger on this one and possibly given more fire power to UKIP. Thank You for being honest but you could have lightened it up a little bit.


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