UKIP Has Momentum For Next General Election

Nigel Farage has said that UKIP will be a major force for next years General Election. The UKIP leader believes that his party will that UKIP will be a major force during his victory speech after his party won the European Election in Britain last night.

Let’s start with this one: Can UKIP be a major force in the next General Election?

Answer is yes, very much more than the Liberal Democrats. This hasn’t been a protest vote, this has been a vote to declare our this like of the European Union. When the Liberal Democrats try to convince us that Europe is brilliant and UKIP do brilliant in both election it pretty much says something about the Liberal Democrats and their message.

Farage has a brilliant reason to celebrate because they’ve done brilliant. They’ve stuck it to the major parties and they’ve shown that the average voter won’t take their crap. Even with all the dirty games we still voted for UKIP.

Nick Clegg however looks like a man on the edge of loosing it all. There are people plotting his down fall in the grass roots levels. The right thing for him to do is to step down and leave, granted he said he won’t do that. His stubbornness will cost the Liberal Democrats even more during the next General Election.

Well done to UKIP you have shown the 3 major parties that we don’t want Europe to rule our country. Hopefully the other parties will listen.


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