Cameron Tells Brussels It’s Too Big And Bossy

David Cameron has told Brussels that it’s too big and bossy. The British Prime Minister told the European Parliament that it was too big and bossy in an informal summit earlier today.

I don’t know if Cameron is just being reactionary or he actually believes that Europe is too big.

With the right wing of Europe gaining power across Europe many are getting worried. Especially the pro left/ pro Europe people. We all know that Cameron is actually a pro Europe person so it makes you wonder if he is just trying to get back in to the popular mindset again.

However at least he the one who is standing up to Europe. Granted he might have said it to try and get more votes next year from the British public and try and take power off UKIP but at least he’s actually said it. He is saying what a lot of people are feeling.

Clegg and Milliband on the other hand have blindly gone on with their pro Europe spiel. You would think that Clegg would have learnt after the humiliation that the TV debates. Are we going to see him turn red as he rants about the insanity of Eurosceptic people.

Cameron is talking sense about Europe granted he doesn’t believe it and he is only saying it because people in Britain don’t want to be in Europe.


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