Oakeshott Quits Lib Dems And Warns OF Clegg Disaster

Lord Oakeshott quit the Liber Democrats today. The high ranking Lib Dem lord left party with the warning that the party will be an utter disaster with Nick Clegg at the helm. Oakeshott’s resignation comes in the middle of a leadership row in the party that was sparked after their terrible defeat in the European Election.

The knife is slowly going deeper in to the back of Nick Clegg. It will be interesting to see where this story finishes and he is pushed over board.

To have a senior member of your party take a shot at you while’s leaving the party is going to be a massive blow. Granted what Oakeshott is saying is right they really are going to head towards a disaster but poor Clegg is so stressed he really doesn’t need to hear that.

Actually yes he does. The man hasn’t stood down from office and is willing to fight on for the party. He’s clearly delusional if he think’s he can do well for the Liberal Democrats at the next election. What he’s going to do is lead them in to utter humiliation.

You have to look at this now and wonder when Clegg is going to stand down. The vultures are still circling ahead, a senior member has talked out of the party blaming Clegg and it’s only a matter of time until a member of the party finally lodges the knife in to his back. He must know by now that he has to stand down and go before they loose every seat they have in the commons and Clegg looses his seat.

Oakeshott has possibly done one of the worst betrayals in modern politics and I doubt the Liberal Democrats are going to rally around Clegg. I’d call it a shame but Clegg has brought this on himself and he’s got nobody else to blame.


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