14 Dead As Ukraine Helicopter Is Downed

A Ukrainian Helicopter has been shot down. Pro-Russian Forces in the country shot down the air craft and killed 14 of it’s passengers, the Ukraine’s Government said through out going President Olexander Turchynov.

Why are we still not calling this a civil war? Why have I not heard anybody using the words Civil War? By now Ukraine must be in a Civil War Granted it’s not like Syria but more like say Vietnam.

I would say there has to be fighting in the city streets for it to be like Syria not just shooting down Helicopters.

Firstly I’m glad to see Turchynov leaving Office. I really did think that the Election in Ukraine was going to be rigged so he would stay in office. I don’t know how it really didn’t make headline news. Granted if it happened this week we’ve all be so obsessed with the down fall of Clegg we’ve only be looking with in our own small borders.

So the Ukraine’s Government have said this attack was committed using Russian weaponry. I’m in 2 minds if this is true or not. Yes I can see the rebels getting their hands on weaponry from somewhere in Russia but I can’t imagine the Russians being stupid enough to hand it over. The Government don’t really want to have more shit thrown at them from the International Community.

Granted we’ll probably never know if the Russian Government willing handed over weapons to fight in this war. There will be people in the west who will say there will.

The incoming president Mr Poroshenko didn’t use the word Terrorist. Hurrah. If you’ve been this blog for a while now you will know I hate the word terrorist to describe your enemies. I actually like the word he used. He said Bandits. That’s just a funny word to use. Rebels, Separatist but Bandits. That;s just a classic.

Bandits makes me think of the Wild West.

The crisis in Ukraine is slowly turing in to a Civil War, let’s hope that this new president can put the boot in before it’s too late and millions of Ukrainians are dead or displaced.


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