Police Officers Fired Over Hanged Girls

2 Indian Polices offices have been fired over the discovery of two missing girls. The officers who have been fired refused to look for the girls who were later found raped and hanged Police officials say.

I don’t want to come off as the pontificating Westerner who’s looking down at this story from his Ivory Tower in an all most paradise situation but my god this story really is grim.

This is the second rape story in about that has made it’s way to the UK News from India and every time you hear these stories you have to ask yourself why? Firstly there was that woman who was raped to death on the bus and nobody did anything about it and then there’s this story where two teenagers were raped and hanged and the Police didn’t do anything till now.

You’ve got to wonder what the hell is wrong with woman’s rights over there. You not seriously this is wrong on so many levels.

So the two officers who refused to look have been fired.


They refused to look because these girls were from a lower caste. So much for protect and serve. You would think that if any person went missing then the police would look fro them no matter what not just laugh in their parents face.

I’m not usually the person who let’s emotions run away with them but I hope these two are well known in India and never get another job because they really don’t deserve one.

Two teenage girls have been found dead and the Police could have done something to prevent it but snobbery got in the way. After these 2 incidents like this in 2 years India really needs to take a hard long look at itself and sort out it’s priorities toward women.


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