Two Killed In Scottish Rally Incident

It is believed that 2 people have been killed at the Jim Clark Rally that is held on the Scottish Borders.

There’s another tragedy at another motor sport event.

I know it doesn’t happen often but when this kind of thing does happen it’s a tragedy. It really is look at the whole Senna thing when he died years ago but let’s face it, it is one of the most dangerous sports in the world.

I know somebody will tell there is going to be another that more dangerous than Motorsports.

The organizers of the event are too upset to comment. I’m sorry it’s a pathetic when it comes to reason not comment on an event. People need some kind of reassurance and comment about this so they know that this stuff won’t happen again and what not.

It’s always sad when people die and it’s worse when it’s a sports event. You just hope that the people who organize this event get themselves on their feet and host the rally and don’t let this event get on top of them.


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