Hollande Pleas To To Fight Threats To Peace

Francois Hollande has called for a D-Day Spirit. Addressing the assembled masses who commemorating the Normandy landings has pleaded for the world to fight the threats to peace in the modern world.

It’s been 70 years since the Normandy landing and the World saw the beginning of the end of World War 2. There some old person in Eastbourne mumbling ‘that time has flown’.

When a person is using such a momentous event like D-Day to call on people to basically fight the good fight there are two things that he’s trying to do.

1) Up his rating with his voters using their patriotic spirit
2) He’s actually wants people to fight the good fight.

I’m being a bit pessimistic and paranoid here but I actually think this could be the first one.

Let’s face he’s the least popular French President for a while and the affair thing he had a few months ago which couldn’t have helped him with the Catholic voters in the country.


The message of fighting against threats to peace is a very strong especially in this modern age where we’re fighting against terrorism and half of the world is in a civil war on a brink of a crisis.

I really didn’t think the message was necessary but today was the perfect time to give it. With the world not giving a crap it was a message we needed to hear.

I hope Hollande’s message doesn’t fall on death ear and he can galvanize us against what ever come our way.


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