Gove Apologies Over Row With May

Michael Gove has apologized David Cameron. The apology has come about after a row broke out over extremism in school between Gove and the Home Secretary Theresa May.

wow what a pathetic row to have with one of your colleagues. Honestly it’s really pathetic.

This all to do with a plot by Muslims to take over school in Birmingham. Well People are trying to take over schools to endorse their hard line religious views. Hand on doesn’t this already happen in Catholic school?

This is going to be another anti Muslim thing I can see.

If you want to protect people against extreme religious nuts maybe should ban vicars in schools and religious education. You can’t complain that their are some religious extremists in our schools and not complain about the others.

But again it’s another anti-Muslin thing probably created by the Daily Mail.

The Government arguing will not be good for the Conservative’s re-election chances and this is something that they need to think about as they bicker between each other. The more they do this the more they’re going to do the more they’re going to hand power over to Milliband and the Labour Party. We don’t want that.

This is another sad chapter in Gove opens his mouth and does something stupid. I really hope it puts a nail in the idiots coffin.


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