Trojan Horse Report Says Schools Were Targeted

There has been a culture of fear and intimidation at a number of Birmingham Schools. A report has said that head teachers have been marinilised or forced out of a job at a group pf schools investigated by Ofsted. This investigation and report has come about after it was claimed that hard line Islamic Extremist tried to impose their views on pupils at these schools.

what A load of cods wallop this has been and it’s been blown completely out of the water by the British media. However I’m not really surprised.

I really do feel like this is the Demonetization of the Islamic faith by White people who don’t like Islam or the thought that Islam is being taught in schools. However they’re fine with Christianity being forced down Children’s throats when they’re in Assembly.

The who har that has been made about this especially at Government Level, you know the fight between Gove and May has seriously blown this out of the water. The 2 of them could have sat down and disused it, instead of having a massive open row with the media watching.

But to be honest that’s what you’re getting from this whole story.

They should have done this investigation in private with out the Public Knowing and they wouldn’t have been such a big deal about it. It’s one of those the less we know the better.

But no this had to be dragged out in the public sphere for everybody to see.

This is really going to drag down people confidence in the education system and give the extreme right wing a new banner to fly and fight under. If they kept it quiet we wouldn’t have known.

Well done to ofsted for blowing this in to the public sphere and making things worse in the Birmingham area when it comes to race relations because somebody will use this to stoke up another Raciest battle or war.


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