Iraqi Insurgents Take New City.

Islamic Insurgents have taken the city of Tikrit. This is the city that the Insurgents have taken with the first being Mosul. The insurgences took Mosul on Tuesday say Iraqi security forces.

It really feels strange that I’m commenting on a national security crisis that could envelop the world and it’s not in Ukraine. After five or six months of ‘The Ukraine Crisis’ it I must have subconsciously scrubs places like Syria out of my man to my determent.

It has been a bit Ukraine intensive.

The Iraqis are now on the brink of a Civil War between so-called hardliners and a Government. It really doesn’t surprise and it doesn’t shock me. To be honest I slightly expect especially from Iraq.

If it’s the leader I think it is who’s in charge then basically he’s an American Sponsored Dictator. I’m guessing that if this President follows his puppet master’s instructions then he will keep his job and these insurgents will be described as Terrorists.

All this has come about thanks to the American and British Invasion of the country.

They really did fuck up there. They managed to get rid of a leader who kept the peace in the country and destabilized the whole of Iraq even though the Iraqis told Western Forces not to go in to the country.

This is going to fall in to Civil and sadly we might get back in to the country because we were the idiots who caused it. Aren’t we brilliant.


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