Football World Cup 2014 kicks off

The 2014 Football World Cup has begun. The opening Ceremony was a Colourful display that launched the Biggest Football Tournament in the world. Brazil and Croatia are now playing the first game of the Tournament.

It’s that time of the four year cycle that the world is split in half. The half that love football and the ones that hate it. Lucky enough I’m in the love it crowd.

I really don’t think I could take the next month if I didn’t like football.

On to the Tournament

Yes it was Colourful by my god it was the worst Ceremony I’ve seen in my life of watching opening ceremonies. Truly it was that terrible, lame, unorganized and pathetic.

however I do think I am comparing it to Olympic opening ceremonies but after Beijing in 2008 it was never going to compare was it? That just brilliant.

So we got a whole of month of football. Hate it or love it you’re stuck with in. ENJOY!!!!!


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