Cleric Issues Shia Call To Arms

An Iraqi Cleric has delivered a call to arms for Shia Muslims. The edict by Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has come bout after Sunni Insurgents have taken more cities in Iraq.

You actually wonder if this whole problem could have been avoided on 2 counts over the last 11 years. The first one being the Invasion of Iraq and the second being last year when we could have ended the Syrian Civil.

Both have been major turning points in Modern Middle Eastern history and both time the West made the wrong choice. Sad really.

What ever history tells us there is one thing we can be certain of we have caused a super massive mess in Iraq. A mess that didn’t need to have existed but we we’re blind a followed America in to their holy invasion.

People are going to say that this call to arms is worrying and we need to stop it. I agree we need to put a halt on another pointless Civil War but when we’re the cause of it, are we going to be welcomed with open arms?

I very much doubt it, we going to be told where to get off. We are not wanted and for once I believe we shouldn’t stick out noses where they don’t belong.

The West made their stance clear last year when we refused to go in to Syria. You can’t have one rule for one country and another rule for the country you screwed up 11 years ago. Granted it could be said that needed to fix the mistakes you made.

However we shouldn’t go in to Iraq we made our bed with Syria.

So we’re watching another country slip in to Civil War this is what happens when you destabilize the country and remove a leader who kept the peace in the country.


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