Iraq Millitants Take Tal Afar

The City of Tal Afar has fallen. The Islamic Isis has taken the Northern City of Tal Afar says Iraqi Officials and residents of the city.

Let’s see how long the media can drag this out out for. I have Syria had two weeks last year maybe we can get three weeks out of this. Who knows?

I know that was sarcastic but I’m sorry they’ve taken another city in a civil war. This really feels like the BBC are trying to eek out every little detail on this one until it’s dry.

Carrying on from yesterday, the massacres have been declared as War Crimes. This really doesn’t surprise me but I’m going to be surprised if the people who have ordered these crimes will get punished. I don’t think the commanders will actually be found out.

John Kerry’s been having his 2 cents in about this war and he says the Americans will use drones to halt the advance. Well that’s a popular idea isn’t as everybody hates them and they’ve created so much havoc.

I think Johnny Boys is relaunching his Presidential Campaign. All that tough talking must be leading to something.

Another city has fallen to rebels and it will soon be the time of Baghdad. This is what happens when you leave a country in a mess.


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