Cameron Keen On Rebuilding Communications With Iran

David Cameron has said that he is committed to rebuilding relations with Iran. In a speech today Cameron has said that he is delighted with talks with Iran but will be proceed with a clear eye and a hard head.

Well the Iraq problem has made one positive out come in the Middle East. Granted I do believe that this come about because the new Iranian President wants the country to integrate with the outside world but the Iraq crisis is a major factor in this.

This is probably the greatest thing to happen to the Middle East over the last few years. If a Country like Iran who has been ostracized by the West for so long can now make peace with the West then it’s Brilliant. This is one of those steps that will do mankind no end of good.

However it is one of those the enemy of my enemy situation. When the Iraq crisis has end are we going to lock horns again because we can or am I being pessimistic.

How come I think Israel isn’t going to be happy about this. We all know that the Israelis don’t like Iran. I can see them kicking off over this with Washington.

Very Sad.

It takes a crisis to make friends and hopefully the Iranians will serve a good purpose in the world.


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